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Boke has over 30 years of expertise in the functional film sector and has set the standard for creating custom-designed functional films of the highest quality and value. Our expert team has pioneered the production of high-quality paint protection film, colored paint protection films, window film, headlight tint film, and commercial & residential film.

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  • PPF
  • Window Film
    Window Film
  • Headlight Tint Film
    Headlight Tint Film
  • Commercial & Residential Film
    Commercial & Residential Film
  • Colored Paint Protection Film
    Colored Paint Protection Film


  • 3月21日发帖

    Here’s Why You Should Buy BOKE Film


    BOKE Film aims to provide users with excellent service and help them increase sales. The uniqueness of BOKE film is that it not only provides excellent protection for automobiles and glass, but also creates unlimited opportunities for major dealer sal...

  • 封面

    Two-way application of paint protection film


    Can PPF only be applied to car paint? Our CEO uses personal experience to prove to you that this is not the case. In addition to car paint, you can also stick it on the interior of the car. For details, please refer to previous...

  • 手动2

    How to save paint protection film when applying film to your car?


    What is a PPF Cutter Plotter? As the name suggests, it is a specialized machine used to cut paint protection film. Full automation cutting, accurate...

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