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We are a mature enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.
  • R&D


    It has a first-class R&D and design platform and is committed to functional film solutions in multiple scenarios. and key technology development.
  • Production


    Our factory has new automated production process equipment, which facilitates precise control of the production process and achieves high efficiency and high quality production.
  • Sale


    Our dealers and customers are located all over the world,For decades, we have successfully won the praise and trust of 1,000,000+ customers.
  • Serve


    Sales and technical staff with rich experience are available 24/7 to better assist our dealers.

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Experienced Team &
professional service

Our factory has strong technical force, industry-leading technology and processes, strong innovation capabilities and decades of experience accumulation, and supports diversified customization.
  • Own factoryOwn factory
  • Experienced teamExperienced team
  • 100% satisfied100% satisfied
  • 18,000,000+

    Annual output over 18 million meters.

  • 1,200,000+

    Trusted by 1,200,000 distributors and customers.

  • 25+

    Specialized in film industry for 25Years.

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  • Alan Walker - @Alan Walker

    Alan Walker - @Alan Walker

    I was filled with anticipation when I decided to coat my entire car with TPU Quantum PRO, and now I can say without hesitation that it was one of the smartest choices I've ever made!
  • James - @James

    James - @James

    The tint and clear UV protection I put on the front windshield helps reflect the Texas heat and not only helps protect the interior, but also keeps the car cooler. highly recommended! Pass gravel debris while driving on the road. Plus, the tint and clear UV protection applied to the front windshield The front windshield helps reflect Texas heat, not only helping protect
  • David - @David

    David - @David

    TPU Quantum MAX is more than just protection, it's care for my car. Whenever I drive, I can rest assured knowing that my car will not be damaged by outside elements such as gravel and debris. This sense of peace of mind is unparalleled!
  • Michael---@Michael


    The window film installation exceeded my expectations! Our office is now more comfortable and our productivity has improved significantly. What surprised me most was that the window film not only lowered the indoor temperature, but also effectively reduced glare, making it easier for me to complete my work.
  • Elizabeth---@Elizabeth


    I am very pleased with the functionality and results of my smart dimmable window film! Not only does it improve the comfort of our office, it also allows us to save money on energy bills. Now, we can automatically adjust the transparency of window film as needed to maintain just the right amount of light and temperature indoors. This smart solution is so practical!
  • Catherine---@Catherine


    I am very satisfied with the decorative effect of the glass decorative film! It adds a chic and stylish vibe to my home and breathes new life into an otherwise plain window. I chose an elegant patterned design and now the room feels like an art gallery every time the sun shines through the windows. Thank you for such beautiful decorative products!

our mission in practice

XTTF always pursues innovation and higher goals
Our mission is to make every customer and every company achieve extraordinary results
  • innovation


    We believe that technology can and should be a force for good, and that meaningful innovation can and will shape a better world in ways large and small.
  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity and Inclusion

    We thrive on diverse voices. We enrich it with the experiences, strengths and diverse perspectives of our employees and clients. Challenge and expand our thinking. This is how we innovate.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    We believe technology is a powerful force for good, and are working hard to create a sustainable future where everyone can enjoy the benefits and opportunities technology brings.


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