Commercial Privacy With Frosted Window Film

Glass in commercial, retail, and residential buildings should be viewed as an asset rather than a cause of pain or expense. High energy expenses, hot spots, eye-irritating glare, fading of furnishings, loss of privacy, security concerns, and other issues are all addressed by Boke window film. Window film from Boke saves energy and improves comfort during both the cold winter months and the long, hot summers. Boke window film is highly energy efficient, allowing building owners to return their initial investment quickly while reaping energy savings for many years. Boke employs a multi-layer functional polyester composite film material to improve the performance of the glass, which helps extend the life of furnishings by dramatically lowering damaging UV rays, the leading cause of fading.

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Boke has over 30 years of expertise in the functional film sector and has set the standard for creating custom-designed functional films of the highest quality and value. Our expert team has pioneered the production of high-quality automobile films, architectural decorative films, window films, explosion-proof films, paint protection films, and furniture films.

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The following products are recommended in commercial use

  VLT(%) UVR(%) LRR(940nm) LRR(1400nm) Thickness(MIL)
Sliver5% 15±3 73 90±3 94±3 2±0.2
Sliver15% 5±3 73 90±3 94±3 2±0.2
Sliver Grey 18±3 73 71±3 75±3 2±0.2
Silver Blue 16±3 76 81±3 86±3 2±0.2
Silver Gold 16±3 86 97±3 90±3 2±0.2
Silver Green 22±3 75 84±3 90±3 2±0.2
Silver Light Blue 30±3 71 76±3 81±3 2±0.2
Silver Black 3±3 98 74±3 81±3 2±0.2
Frosted White 15±3 96 78±3 45±3 2±0.2
Matte Silver 3±3 99 89±3 92±3 2±0.2
Opaque Black 0 100 100 100 2±0.2
Clear 2MIL 88±3 16 12±3 10±3 2±0.2
Clear 4MIL 89±3 40 12±3 10±3 4±0.2
Clear 8MIL 89±3 20 11±3 8±3 8±0.2
Clear 12MIL 89±3 20 11±3 8±3 12±0.2
Coffee Silver 18±3 72 85±3 88±3 2±0.2
Big Stripe 73±3 65 / 16±3 2±0.2
Small Stripe 70±3 62 / 13±3 2±0.2

We Are Good At Customization!

BOKE's super factory may offer various customization services based on the customer's needs. With high-end US equipment, partnership with German expertise, and strong backing from German raw material suppliers. BOKE's film super factory can meet all of its customer's requirements.

Boke can generate additional film features, colors, and textures to meet the particular needs of agencies that wish to tailor their unique films. For further information on customization and pricing, please make sure to send us messages.

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Highly Customization service

BOKE can offer various customization services based on customers' needs. With high-end equipment in the United States, collaboration with German expertise, and strong backing from German raw material suppliers. BOKE's film super factory ALWAYS can meet all of its customers' needs.

Boke can create new film features, colors, and textures to fulfill the specific needs of agents who want to personalize their unique films. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us right away for additional information on customization and pricing.

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