BOKE opens a new chapter in multi-party cooperation

The BOKE factory received good news at the 135th Canton Fair, successfully locked in multiple orders and established solid cooperative relationships with many customers. This series of achievements marks the BOKE factory's leading position in the industry and recognition of its product quality and innovation capabilities.


As one of the exhibitors, BOKE Factory displayed its rich and diverse product lines, covering paint protection film, automotive window film, automotive color-changing film, automotive headlight film, automotive sunroof smart film, architectural window film, glass decorative film, Intelligent window film, glass laminated film, furniture film, film cutting machine (cutting plotter and film cutting software data) and auxiliary film application tools, etc. The wide application of these products covers many fields such as automobiles, construction and home furnishings, demonstrating the unremitting efforts of the BOKE factory in technology research and development and product innovation.

The participation of BOKE factory not only attracted the attention of many visitors, but also attracted the attention of many potential customers. During the exhibition, BOKE factory conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations with many customers and successfully reached a series of cooperation intentions. These cooperations not only open up the market for the BOKE factory, but also provide customers with high-quality products and professional services, jointly promoting the development of the industry.

Among them, our new product smart window film has become the focus of many customers' attention. At the exhibition site, customers stopped to watch one after another and showed great interest in the functions of smart window film. This product can automatically adjust the light transmittance according to the ambient light, achieving the purpose of intelligently adjusting indoor light and temperature, improving the user's comfort and living experience.

During the exhibition, our colleagues patiently introduced the functions and advantages of smart window film to customers, and the on-site demonstration attracted many visitors. “Smart window film is one of our star products, which can satisfy customers’ pursuit of comfortable life and is deeply loved by customers.” Our sales manager said, “At the exhibition, we not only received inquiries from many customers. Many customers have also expressed their intention to cooperate, which has laid a solid foundation for us to expand the market.”

"Participating in the 135th Canton Fair is an important milestone for our BOKE factory. Not only have we obtained orders, but more importantly, we have established good cooperative relationships with many customers."

The person in charge of the BOKE factory said, "In the future, we will continue to work on technological innovation and product optimization to provide customers with better products and more satisfactory services."

BOKE factory will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", continuously improve product quality and service levels, create greater value for customers, and jointly promote the development and progress of the industry.


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Post time: Apr-20-2024