TPU Light Smoke Headlight Taillight Tint Film

Boke headlight films provide comprehensive headlight and taillight protection, addressing everything from physical scratches and even chemical browning caused by oxidation. When a car is driven for a long period of time, from physical scratches caused by scuffing to chemical yellowing caused by oxidation, the film is an effective solution to all of these problems, and the grit that flies around the car can also damage the lights, causing scratches etc. The film protects the lights from the grit that splashes around and makes them easier to clean.

Two main types of material are used in Boke light films: TPU or PU.

PU: This material combines the original film with its color and the addition of transparent glue. This film will not fade with time.

TPU: This material is composed of colorless transparent film and colored glue; its toughness and strength are better than PU on the substrate and can provide better protection.

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Boke has been involved in the functional film industry for several years and has invested a great deal of effort in providing the highest quality and value functional films to the market. Our team of experts are dedicated to the development and production of high quality automotive films, architectural films, window films, blast films, paint protection films and furniture films.

Over the past 30 years, we have accumulated experience and self-innovation, introduced cutting-edge technology from Germany, imported high-end equipment from the United States, and our products have been designated as long-term strategic partners by internationally renowned automotive suppliers.

Signature Features


1.Before and after

Before installation

Without protection, easy to scratch the original car

After installation

Safety protection, anti-scratch and wear-resistant, perfect the appearance of car lights

2.Anti-scratch and wear-resistant

Fearless against sharp objects, with proper protection against damage to the lights from sharp objects.


3.Excellent flexibility

Super stretchable, reboundable and soft.

TPU material with a soft, paper-like texture, resistant to sunlight and no air bubbles

4.high quality TPU material

The size fits well, top-quality TPU material, tearing off will not leave glue marks.


Product structure


Product List

Model TPU Light Smoke
Material TPU
Thickness 6.5mil±5%
Customization 30CM 40CM 60CM 152CM
Specifications 0.3*10m
Gross Weight 1.9KG
Package Size 18cm*20cm*38cm
Coating Nano hydrophobic coating

Installation steps

1.Washing headlights

2.Remove the protective film

3.Spray with water

4.Spraying water while applying the film

5.Scraping with a scraper

6.Repairing edges

7.Complete the restoration and water scraping

8.Drying with a towel

9.Complete the installation


A highly individual service

Highly personalized service

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Highly Customization service

BOKE can offer various customization services based on customers' needs. With high-end equipment in the United States, collaboration with German expertise, and strong backing from German raw material suppliers. BOKE's film super factory ALWAYS can meet all of its customers' needs.

Boke can create new film features, colors, and textures to fulfill the specific needs of agents who want to personalize their unique films. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us right away for additional information on customization and pricing.

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