Spectrum Chameleon Window Film

Boke’s Spectrum Chameleon Window Film, in green/purple, with a high 65% VLT and easily heats up and shrinks for a very clear view from inside the car. The effect varies depending on lighting, temperature, viewing angle and the visible light transmission of the screen.

Chameleon window tint film green-purple is different from ordinary window film. Because it contains a spectral and optical layer, this chameleon window film will have different colors when viewed from different angles, such as purple, green, or blue. This gives the car’s windows a shifting look and will give the impression that they are constantly changing color, just like a chameleon.

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Boke leverages over three decades of innovative experience by integrating advanced technologies such as specialty thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPH), and others. Our objective is to offer a reliable and convenient source, where multiple product groups work collaboratively to tackle some of the most intricate issues of today.

Signature Features


1. Effect demonstration

In the sunlight, the car window film has the effect of color change.

2.Superior Heat Rejection

up to 98% of Infrared has been blocked .


3.Crystal-Clear VLT

Boke window film provides excellent clarity and visibility.

4.Privacy & Security

Best protection against peek, ensuring your privacy and security.


5.No interference with signal

clear communication is essential without interfere signals, like radio, cellular, or blue tooth.

6.UV Rejection

Over 99% of UV can be blocked effectively ,which might cause numerous skin cancers, premature aging and skin cell damage.


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Highly Customization service

BOKE can offer various customization services based on customers' needs. With high-end equipment in the United States, collaboration with German expertise, and strong backing from German raw material suppliers. BOKE's film super factory ALWAYS can meet all of its customers' needs.

Boke can create new film features, colors, and textures to fulfill the specific needs of agents who want to personalize their unique films. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us right away for additional information on customization and pricing.

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