TPU Clear Sunroof Surface Protector Film

TPU is a melt-processable thermoplastic elastomer with remarkable durability and flexibility in which Boke thrives.

For the most demanding applications, such as automotive, breathable furniture coatings, textile coatings, weatherable, non-yellowing films, and so on, Boke TPU offers a wide range of physical and chemical property combinations. It possesses properties similar to plastic and rubber. Its thermoplastic nature provides advantages other elastomers cannot match, such as high elongation at break and good load-bearing capability. Boke offers a wide choice of TPUs in various thicknesses for theTPU Sunroof Protector Film series to meet the needs of our clients.

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Boke has over 23 years of expertise in the functional film sector and has set the standard for creating custom-designed functional films of the highest quality and value. Our expert team has pioneered the production of high-quality automobile films, architectural decorative films, window films, explosion-proof films, paint protection films, and furniture films.

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Two options are available at Boke for TPU Sunroof Protector Film:

SPF - providing 6.5mil thickness

SPF - providing 7.5mil thickness




Material TPU TPU
Thickness 6.5mil±0.3 7.5mil±0.3
Specifications 1.52*15m 1.52*15m
Gross Weight 10.5kg 11kg
Net Weight 9.2kg 9.8kg
Package Size 159*18.5*17.6cm 159*18.5*17.6cm
Coating Nano hydrophobic coating Nano hydrophobic coating
Structure 3 layers 3 layers
Glue Hangao Hangao
Glue Thickness 18um 18um
Film Mounting Type PET PET
Repair Automatic thermal repair Automatic thermal repair
Puncture Resistance GB/T1004-2008/>18N GB/T1004-2008/>18N
UV Barrier > 98.5% > 98.5%
Tensile Strength > 25mpa > 25mpa
Hydrophobic self-cleaning > +25% > +25%
Anti-fouling and Corrosion Resistance > +15% > +15%
Glare > +5% > +5%
Aging Resistance > +20% > +20%
Hydrophobic Angle > 101°-107° > 101°-107°
Elongation at Break > 300% > 300%

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BOKE's super factory may offer various customization services based on the customer's needs. With high-end US equipment, partnership with German expertise, and strong backing from German raw material suppliers. BOKE's film super factory can meet all of its customer's requirements.

Bock can generate additional film features, colors, and textures to meet the particular needs of agencies that wish to tailor their unique films. For further information on customization and pricing, please make sure to send us messages.

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